My Business Journal

This is my public bussiness journal. I thought I should keep my little beginer practice site where I learned to play with WordPress. I choose to keep this for:

  1. The name is almost the same (so if your looking for my wellness site) to confuse everyone (LOL, na just kiddin’)
  2. I thought maybe I could ease your mind if you are thinking of blogging or a DIY website.
  3. So anyone with experience can relate LTAOWM and remember the good ol’ days.

I read many articles about blogging looking for hosting. Guess what I learned??… O.K., fine, I’ll tell ya. I learned what affiliate marketing is. I found out that probably half or more, decided on their host with a 50/50 chance of the ones they checked, when they were learning, to be influenced by affiliate marketing. One of societies many, always replicated and always duplicated, marketing strategies. Absolutely no problem with making money this way. I am gonna have to or the website is going bye bye. I barely afforded my ghetto plan I found, with one of the better companies I might add. (Siteground)

More later.

💙💜Kay L. Kelley


Newbie Bussiness Experience

Okay, so it’s been a couple of days I’m not exactly sure how often I should post on here. I have had a rough couple days. I’ve been hurt really bad due to Fibromyalgia kickng me down, such as it does. I had a migraine so the idea of focusing on learning or the ability to read went right out the window. I guess that gives me a bit of leeway on feeling overwhelmed by a new blog.
Starting a blog with only 2 months of intrest and research is going to be an information overload if your like me and your phone is your home computer and laptop too!I can do this! I already am! I am staying positive and still very excited by my goal to get a site up by Mother’s Day with little to no money anda severely limiting disability often times.
I definitely need to publish a list of all the craziness I am learning about. I thought I did a lot of research before hand but, once I opend that website dashboard it was a whole different story.
# 1. My theme and WP kept suggesting me to download all sorts of weird plug-ins.
It’s a marketing world, especially when you get into website world. They have their ideas and WordPress has theirs. It makes since they want to push their products I understand. When I downloaded a plug-in…WT…you need another plug-in to optimize this plug-in, or even use it? Ok, here is where I start thinking. I know I read having lots of plug-ins can slow site, and this is only beginning. So, I have to stay focused or I will be reading about optimizing site performance before I finish learning to be a professional decorator for this theme.
# 2. I found YouTube has a video for that.

I found several videos walking you through step-by-step how to decorate my exact theme. Guess what the first thing they did is download those plug-ins. LOL. It’s a Learning 2 Health experience.